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Multimedia, Qr-Code and Agumented Reality
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Virtual tour HD

We simulate virtual visits in public and private places, so to allow customers to explore and visit from their own apartment the place where they want to go. This is possible both for the SMEs, but especially for those who, in public administration, has the courage to bet on the enhancement of historical towns, museums and archaeological areas.

Photo and Video shooting and editing

We can also provide video and photo shoots associated to the latest editing techniques. Next to the traditional services of video and photo shooting, we also use drones to record amazing overviews on historical towns, art cities or large events.

Qr-code and augmented reality

Thanks to the augmented reality and QR Code, we are able to expand the human perception about a product or an artwork. Simply by pointing its smartphone or tablet on the desired item, the user will have access to a range of information that will increase its sensorial experience and then its knowledge.

For example, the user might see the origin of a product, the raw materials, the sophisticated manufacturing process of a tailored jacket and so buy those products with a greater awareness of their value.