Artitaly is a Creative Web Studio division specialized in communication and marketing, aimed at promoting products, places, arts and crafts that best represent the Italian culture.

Creative Web Studio is a Google-partnered company that has been successfully operating all over the world since 15 years.


In a world mostly focused on a massive production of consumer goods, Artitaly's main goal is to take back attention on those products that are more generally referable to the "Made in Italy" label which is said to be the 3rd brand worldwide according to a KPMG research (Source:

In this regard, globalisation has a prominent role. It feeds the competition and lowers the production costs, but on the other hand it breaks down the geographic barriers and increases the opportunities for the circulation of high-quality and luxury goods.

Furthermore, the reduction of distances, made possible by the modern tools of technology, is also a great chance to make people aware of our country's great historical and artistic heritage and make it a resource.


Our challenge is to promote the "Made in Italy" by implementing communication plans, consulting and marketing services. In fact, thanks to the opportunities offered by the digital communication, we can allow our clients to cross the international borders, assuring them more visibility and success in foreign markets.

All of this is made possible by a cutting-edge technology, a field where Creative Web Studio has been working since 15 years with excellent outcomes. For example, the augmented reality and QR Code are fundamental tools to give the users an extraordinary 360º experience with the product.

From the manufacturing industry to the agribusiness, Artitaly creates alternative or complementary forms to the organized distribution, by developing specific e-commerce platforms on the basis of the products sold.


Artitaly offers this kind of services to the public administration too. It means to historical districts, museums, art cities etc., and plans with them the best solutions to enhance and promote their unparalleled cultural heritage.

In fact, the application of new technologies and communication strategies to the cultural heritage ensures an unlimited access to the knowledge and guarantees its disclosure without any geographical and linguistic boundary.

Thus, history and innovation become two sides of the same coin..


Our mission is to support the public administration and the SMEs to start a digitalisation and enhancement process of their cultural heritage and products respectively.  The purpose is to seize the opportunities offered by the growing demand of goods and services that represent our cultural heritage and lifestyle.