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Brand Strategy and Communication Plans

Brand strategy and corporate communication are key factors for those SMEs who want to seize the opportunities offered by the current historical moment while preserving their identity (emotions, cultural aspects, taste, love of tradition and interest in innovation). In fact, in an increasingly globalized world, it's necessary to have a strong plan of corporate communication that allows these companies to spread their brand even outside the country and retain a growing, educated and demanding customer base.

Distribution Strategy

Italian companies, also because of their size and governance (we often talk about family-owned businesses), are still linked to distribution and funding models surely perfectible. The new business models related to digital technologies are showing the benefits of alternative forms of distribution (e-commerce, direct networks, in-corner shops, temporary stores, retail stores etc ..), conceivable especially for the Italian SMEs that consider the respect of the production process their workhorse. Artitaly plans with them possible growth strategies, through a proper combination of technology, digital communication, sales strategies and analysis on social responsibility.

Commercial opportunities, events, temporary stores, special location and Cultural Districts

We select for our clients the best business opportunities, fully respectful of their identity. In this regard, we (or our partners) can organize temporary shops, flagship or multi-brand stores in the framework of the most prestigious national and international showcases.

One of the reference models is the so-called Cultural District, a place that brings together the best of food, fashion, design, art and crafts, in contrast with the logic of the shopping mall because it allows the clients to live a 360° experience with the environment and the product itself.

Social and corporate responsibility

The possibility of economic development for the producers of "Made in Italy", together with concrete guarantees for consumers, is a very strong and definitely current concept. In fact, the traditional sectors help to strengthen the roots of both people and companies thanks to their contribution to the consolidation of the economy and culture of certain territories. The opportunity to be grasped is that the modern consumer, through his choice, will consciously be able to give value to a product that comes from an ethical and socially useful production process

International partnerships

Nowadays, foreign demand plays a leading role in all economic activities. In fact, while from one hand Globalization has broken down geographical barriers, it has also increased the opportunities related to the diffusion of high-quality products. Therefore Artitaly helps the SMEs to seize these possibilities and supports foreign investors who wish to invest in projects closely related to the development and promotion of Italian products in Italy and abroad.

Digitalization and new technologies for the preservation of the products and the enhancement of the production process

Digitalization is a key factor for those Italian companies that want to expertly combine tradition and innovation. In this regard, Artitaly provides the proper technological tools (such as the augmented reality, the qr-code, product configurators, apps, etc.) in order to allow manufacturers to emphasize the production process and, at the same time, allow the end users to know the authenticity and origin of the product, with obvious benefits for both categories.

New business models

We evaluate the ideal conditions for the implementation of innovative business models, such as:

  • the analysis of unexplored market spaces where to do business without competing;
  • the creation of cooperation networks inspired to the sharing economy structure;
  • the opportunity represented by the consumer's request to have access to the product rather than to its property.

All these phenomena are changing the traditional relationship between suppliers and users in general, fostering a more immediate connection between people, products and services. For our clients, this is something important to be aware of and consequently adapt their visions and strategies.